Four Reasons Folks Don’t Want to Talk about Giftedness

There’s a lot of pushback I’ve often gotten from some acquaintances on the topic of giftedness. After talking with the person, the resistance seems to stem from values of egalitarianism (economic and educational), as well as assumptions about how fast and much children and adolescents develop in the various spheres of their lives. Educators inContinue reading “Four Reasons Folks Don’t Want to Talk about Giftedness”

The Temptation of the Gifted: Achievement

It’s important for people interested in intelligence to know that intelligence testing has its origins in predicting school achievement. It has since evolved into broader theoretical frameworks (especially CHC theory) which are more robust and predictive of a broader array of cognitive conditions. But let’s first talk intelligence, and then talk achievement. We know thatContinue reading “The Temptation of the Gifted: Achievement”

The Limitations of Being Gifted

Being more perceptive Being more likely to reach correct conclusions Understanding more of the words being used in the content you are exposed to Drawing connections across different areas of knowledge quickly Absorbing and integrating frameworks of knowledge quickly Creating and testing new mental frameworks on the fly during ambiguous situations All of these areContinue reading “The Limitations of Being Gifted”

“Difference is a feature, not a bug”

Of all the things I’ve come to learn over my decades of gifted life, one thing that was difficult for me was to come to terms with the differentness. I wanted so badly to be known. As social creatures, this is a normal state for people. Yet I felt so different, and, in fact, IContinue reading ““Difference is a feature, not a bug””

Children Above 180 IQ: Reflections

At the time I’m writing this, it’s been just over three years since my coauthor, Will White, and I, published our follow-up study of Leta Hollingworth’s original case studies of twelve exceptionally gifted children from the early 20th Century. This effort was among the most rewarding of my varied adult life: scholar, assessment developer, spiritualContinue reading “Children Above 180 IQ: Reflections”

Finding the Others: Groups for the Gifted

One issue that gifted individuals find themselves in is how to cope with loneliness. Having unique quality and degree of perspective is by definition a difference, can be a lonely existence. Finding others who have also had to cope with this difference, building and exploring language related to it can set you on a pathContinue reading “Finding the Others: Groups for the Gifted”

“Why gifted coaching?”

This is a fair question. Giftedness is a dose of perspective that allows its holder facility with language and/or problems and/or big concepts. This perspective allows one to learn quickly, and over time, accounts for differences in the way one interacts with the world. People can and do react differently to someone with different perspective,Continue reading ““Why gifted coaching?””

The Treasures of Unfolding Yourself

Imagine a picture that was folded up many times into an origami-shape, which, although presenting a beautiful image in and of itself, was obscuring some kind of picture that, after regarding it for a bit, you could recognize as being of picture of you. Suppose that you carefully began undoing this origami, but after aContinue reading “The Treasures of Unfolding Yourself”

What to expect from gifted coaching

We’ll go over what your end-goals are from the coaching journey, our expectations for each other as part of the coaching process, then learn a bit about each others’ backgrounds, and then I’ll ask about some particulars surrounding your goals (some of which you’ve likely considered, some of which you may not have). Then we’llContinue reading “What to expect from gifted coaching”

Light-Bridge, Week 1

Why did I name in honor of “light-bridges”? Mainly, I believe that self-development means establishing robust connections across parts of ourselves, and from ourselves to the outside world. This is the “bridge” half of the word. Furthermore, I believe that self-development simply means insight, and that this insight can only happen with illumination of whatContinue reading “Light-Bridge, Week 1”