Book Review: “In the Know: Debunking 35 Myths about Human Intelligence,” by Russell T. Warne

I kept hearing good things about this book, so I was looking forward to Prof. Warne’s analysis of the misinformation about intelligence, and I was not disappointed. Prof. Warne methodically describes the basics of intelligence, starting with basic information about statistics and the history of research into intelligence, and leads the reader into 35 mythsContinue reading “Book Review: “In the Know: Debunking 35 Myths about Human Intelligence,” by Russell T. Warne”


You might have heard that being gifted means you can “write your own ticket” (as I was told), or that you have a complicated, multiplex potential, also known as “multipotentiality.” Is this true? The answer is, well, complicated. The first validated intelligence tests were oriented towards predicting elementary school achievement across subjects. Furthermore, there areContinue reading “Multipotentiality”

The Temptation of the Gifted: Achievement

It’s important for people interested in intelligence to know that intelligence testing has its origins in predicting school achievement. It has since evolved into broader theoretical frameworks (especially CHC theory) which are more robust and predictive of a broader array of cognitive conditions. But let’s first talk intelligence, and then talk achievement. We know thatContinue reading “The Temptation of the Gifted: Achievement”

The Limitations of Being Gifted

Being more perceptive Being more likely to reach correct conclusions Understanding more of the words being used in the content you are exposed to Drawing connections across different areas of knowledge quickly Absorbing and integrating frameworks of knowledge quickly Creating and testing new mental frameworks on the fly during ambiguous situations All of these areContinue reading “The Limitations of Being Gifted”

Podcast Appearance!

I had the honor of being a guest on Nadja Cereghetti’s podcast, Unleash Monday! We talk about giftedness (of acourse!); the follow-up article on all 12 of Leta Hollingworth’s study of exceptionally gifted children that I co-authored with Will White; the journey of gifted development; setting expectations for success: and more! I hope you’ll giveContinue reading “Podcast Appearance!”

“Why gifted coaching?”

This is a fair question. Giftedness is a dose of perspective that allows its holder facility with language and/or problems and/or big concepts. This perspective allows one to learn quickly, and over time, accounts for differences in the way one interacts with the world. People can and do react differently to someone with different perspective,Continue reading ““Why gifted coaching?””


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