A Quick-Start Guide to Learning Astrology

I often get asked where to begin learning astrology. Here’s my quick guide to getting started in only a few months:

  1. Try to track down your birth certificate as soon as you can. This is to try to get your exact birth time. It can take a long time and it’s best to start early.
  2. Download a blank astrological wheel (with all of the signs included). This will help you memorize things like order and to see how aspects look.
  3. Pick a system and realize that you are picking a system. I started with modern Western astrology and have since incorporated Hellenistic astrology (much of the rest of this list reflects my specialization, which is not to say that other systems are not also valid!).
  4. Try out Astro-Seek.com and AstroDienst to see what your birth chart looks like.
  5. Learn the astrological signs and their significations. I recommend the Astrology Podcast’s episode 175 and episode 180.
  6. Next, learn the seven traditional planets; again, I recommend the Astrology Podcast, episode 64, as well as the episodes dedicated to them: sun (302), moon (294), Mercury (307), Venus (315), Mars (318), Jupiter (319), and Saturn (322). The outer planet episodes dedicated to of Uranus (320) and Neptune (326).
  7. Now you’re ready to learn about astrological houses. The Astrology Podcast splits this into Part 1 and Part 2.
  8. Look into the Astrology Podcast’s episodes most common aspects (323) and the less-common aspects (328).
  9. Buy or print off an ephemeris (AstroDienst’s ephemeris is readily customizable, and Astro-Seek also offers ephemerides), and this will be invaluable to you as you study the patterns of planetary movements, and to look up where the planets were on a given day.

Of course, there are many books on astrology, and as you go forward, I recommend eventually learning how to calculate astrological charts by hand.

Good luck!

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