“Why gifted coaching?”

This is a fair question.

Giftedness is a dose of perspective that allows its holder facility with language and/or problems and/or big concepts. This perspective allows one to learn quickly, and over time, accounts for differences in the way one interacts with the world. People can and do react differently to someone with different perspective, and not always well. A difference in perspective makes someone different because they are exposed to what for most is an invisible world. Sure, an industrious person can spend time in the world of learning and gain expertise in a particular topic, but for the gifted person, an interest in a topic can often meet or even exceed expertise.

The gifted person is simply steeped in perspective; learning is a byproduct of the normal course of life.

People react to those with different perspectives. Some have been burned at the stake, or assassinated, for their perspective. For most gifted people, things don’t get near that point, but judging when to share insights, and how much, and to whom: such questions are potentially dangerous. Even to someone not threatened by (or unaware of!) the implications, the fact that an entire class of thought is accessible to a gifted person that is not accessible to them can be disturbing, arousing annoyance, envy, or even anger. How should one navigate this world?

I know that when I was young man, I didn’t reflect on my giftedness as an influence on my life. I mean, sure, I was smart, but I had to work hard, and I had to get to where I wanted to go. I had passions and idiosyncrasies and a general plan, and for the most part, I did right by myself.

Nonetheless, there were things that I really could’ve used help with:

  • What does it mean to be gifted?
  • How has giftedness influenced my development–and how might it still be influencing it?
  • What does society want from people who are gifted? Does society’s values reflect my values?
  • How much should my giftedness inform my goals?

Along my path, I started accumulating small and big answers to the “giftedness” question, eventually crafting a mosaic about what it all meant: for me, for others, for humanity–and indeed, for the world at large. Eventually, it all just…clicked.

I’m still adding to that mosaic, but the main themes haven’t changed for the last 10 years, and now I am confident enough in what I have learned through my study and training to offer my services. I have perspective on the matter of perspective itself, and I want to help you develop your own.

Contact me for a consultation and I’ll be happy to help you get started.

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