The Treasures of Unfolding Yourself

Imagine a picture that was folded up many times into an origami-shape, which, although presenting a beautiful image in and of itself, was obscuring some kind of picture that, after regarding it for a bit, you could recognize as being of picture of you.

Suppose that you carefully began undoing this origami, but after a time you realized you needed to be careful: there was some strange glue to it that you didn’t quite understand, the kind that needed some expertise. You decide to find someone to help you. You find someone who recognized not only the glue, but also something nature of the folding of the origami. The expert had the right solvent, but insists that you must be the one to do the unfolding.

You begin the unfolding and ultimately see a picture of yourself you hadn’t seen before, one that is beautiful as it is, but that also shows a map that you can make out from the folds that show from the fold-marks. You begin to follow the map in your activities, and find beautiful and meaningful things that you add to your personal effects. This adds to your sense of yourself, and you decide to tell the expert who helped you do the unfolding.

“This is wonderful to behold,” the expert consults, “but I can tell you a secret. The material that this picture is printed on is unique: it can be stretched and expanded to many times its original size with the right application of heat and cool, and can withstand folding even thousands of times over. The beauty of such an origami as you originally brought it to me was wonderful, but there are even more excellent techniques to origami-folding that you can learn. Experts in this field can create intricate origamis that incorporate their unique artistic persuasions and higher mathematics, and some of these reach the size of houses, or even warehouses–all from a simple picture!”

It seems wonderful to you to think of–and intimidating. But then the expert show examples from several different masters of this technique. The expert suggests some approaches, and you begin to practice, and after some time, come to realize: you can do it, and the clarity of your desired origami begins to emerge in your mind.

Let’s see what emerges from unfolding your picture: I believe in you. Reach out and let’s get started!

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