Light-Bridge, Week 1

Why did I name in honor of “light-bridges”? Mainly, I believe that self-development means establishing robust connections across parts of ourselves, and from ourselves to the outside world. This is the “bridge” half of the word. Furthermore, I believe that self-development simply means insight, and that this insight can only happen with illumination of what previously was “unseen” (I use this as a neutral sense-modality term; the best alternative, “stimulus,” is problematic).

We see examples of this in human development. Feelings and actions are ideally bridged by will. Actions and intellect are bridged by education. Intellect and feelings are ideally bridged by compassion. All three are bridged by art and spirituality.

The coaching I provide is partly to facilitate recognition to you about who you are, what you’re about, how you are already connected to different parts of yourself and the world, and to explore new ways to connect to yourself and the world. This connection need not be concrete: it can, like light, be weightless with infinite variation possible within it (much as with color). For some, this will lead to natural changes in career; for others, it will lead to natural changes in relationships; for still others, it will lead to a greater sense of meaning or of peace.

I look forward to working with you! Feel free to reach out to start the coaching process.

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