Lightbridge: A focus on development.

Welcome. I am a coach who focuses on giftedness and related issues, focusing on a variety of paths and bridges to life development and fulfillment.

Why gifted coaching?

Maybe you were identified as gifted as a child, but never told about “the g word” or what it meant.

Maybe you’ve known about giftedness, researched it, and are ready to take your exploration of giftedness to the next level

Maybe you were never identified, only to discover that you had a second (or third, or fourth, or fifth…) exceptionality, such as ADHD, which was masking your giftedness.

Maybe you don’t like the term “gifted.” Yet whether you like the term or not, there’s something it describes that has shaped how you look at the world–and how you look at the world changes how you approach it, and the ways and degrees that you are successful in doing so.

With gifted coaching, you get to unfold the idea of giftedness, play with it, and look at your life with a new “metalens” about that lens you’ve already been looking through your whole life. Many different views can open up for you, like a kaleidoscope, each to be explored, investigated, applied (yes, applied!) and maybe even (*gasp!*) enjoyed.

Let’s get to it!

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